Nucleus Hives

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Hygienic Italian Nucs


NUCS: $200.00

·  Marked queens are available for an additional $10 per nuc. 

· Limited Quantities! Last Day to order is March 31st

· Pick up May 1-May 10th (weather dependent)

·  Customers will be given 1 week notice of pick up dates

· We do not ship or deliver – all nucs will need to be picked up as scheduled in Castleton, VA

· 5 deep frames containing a laying hygienic Italian queen, worker bees, brood of all stages, honey, pollen and 1 frame of foundation to  prevent suffocation

· Bees are contained in wooden nuc boxes– it is recommended that they be    transferred to full size hives

· Bees need to be in a ventilated space   during transport (not in the trunk!) you are responsible for safe transportation


· Once you purchase a nuc from us, you become responsible for it's success


   While supplies last

We accept payment in the form of cash or check. Payment is due on or before April 3rd. 

If you are paying with a business check please indicate your name in the memo.

Make checks payable to Windsong Apiaries and mail to 120 Mill Run Lane, Castleton VA, 22716.

Orders are subject to a 50% cancelation fee.

Website will be updated when we are no longer taking orders.

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